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The UK is Open for Business!

Various opinion polls and surveys may suggest a degree of uncertainty surrounding the UK’s long-term prospects following Brexit; but so far as the British Government is concerned, the strong message is that the UK is very much open for business.

So much so, that the UK’s Department for International Trade recently published data showing that, for the year to April 2016, the UK remained the top destination for inward investment within Europe.

In that one year alone, there were 2,213 inward investment projects; a rise of 11% on the previous year.

Admittedly, these figures relate to the period before the Brexit vote, but it is hoped that the momentum will continue, particularly given the current volatility of Sterling on the international currency markets.

The UK prides itself on being an open and transparent jurisdiction in which to do business. However, tax considerations should always be taken into account before any decision is made concerning the establishment of UK businesses operations or making any investment into an existing UK business.

Indeed, the range of robust tax planning options and different tax efficient structures available, can significantly enhance the attractiveness of establishing operations and/or investing into the UK.

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