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Optimum tax mitigation strategies require appropriate structures to be put in place at the start of a project. The earlier you include Newshams Tax Advisers in your project planning, the better we can advise you on tax mitigation strategies. In the past we have assisted in projects as diverse as:

Corporate - Private Equity Structuring

Tax Issue

A group of private equity managers based in the UK, US and Eastern Europe wished to set up a general fund to acquire investments around Europe. The fund needed to be practical to operate and minimise taxes on income and gains.

Newshams Tax Advisers Solution

We identified various suitable jurisdictions, advised and, with the assistance of overseas counsel, implemented a fund which was simple to operate, cost effective to maintain and created tax efficiencies not only at the fund level, but also for the individuals themselves.

Employment – Termination Packages

Tax Issue

A senior banker was on an overseas secondment from his London base. His position was about to be terminated and he entered into a compromise agreement with his employer. However, the termination payment was due to be fully taxed in the overseas jurisdiction.

Newshams Tax Solution

We restructured his termination package and allocated part of it to his previous UK duties. The results were a reduction in the overall effective tax rate and being able to claim various tax exemptions available for termination payments. This significantly increased his net cash position.

International – Successful Negotiations with HMRC

Tax Issue

An international news agency had not deducted income tax or national insurance contributions for the staff based in its London office. The UK tax authorities were asserting that income tax and national insurance contributions were due for the previous 6 years together with interest and penalties.

Newshams Tax Advisers Solution

Our experience and research confirmed that exemptions in the applicable double tax treaty meant no taxes were in fact due. Our negotiations with HM Revenue and Customs led to a successful outcome (within a relatively short period of time) whereby the tax man had to accept that no liability existed.


Law Firm Tax Support

Tax Issue

A City law firm was advising one of its corporate clients in connection with a large acquisition of a UK group. The law firm did not have an existing in-house tax resource and yet wanted to provide its client with a seamless full-service offering to ensure the client obtained protection against any tax liabilities within the target group.

Newshams Tax Advisers Solution

Newshams Tax Advisers worked alongside the law firm and provided full tax support. We attended meetings, drafted and successfully negotiated all tax aspects of the sale and purchase documentation, including the tax indemnity, tax warranties and limitations of liability. This led to a successful acquisition for the client and we continue to work with the law firm to service their clients’ tax needs.


These are just a small selection of some of the areas on which we can advise.

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