Inheritance Tax Mitigation

Sadly, in the light of the current COVID-19 crisis, it has become even more important to consider inheritance tax mitigation strategies. Indeed, why work hard all your life to see your beneficiaries only receive 60% of your wealth and HMRC to receive 40%. This is after all, unless you have been applying tax mitigation techniques, another tax on after taxed income and wealth. Newshams Tax Advisers can advise you on how you can fully protect your wealth for future generations and/or your intended beneficiaries. No need to wait 7 years to ensure any gifts are out of your estate and no lifetime tax charge by transferring funds or assets into a discretionary trust. You can save 40% inheritance tax with immediate effect and we can also offer death bed planning. If you want to pass on 100% of your hard earned wealth, contact Newshams Tax Advisers today on 0800 211 8657.
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