Celebrating tax freedom day

Enjoy your next payslip. We’ve passed the milestone in the year that marks tax freedom day and from now on what you earn belongs to you.

Of course it doesn’t quite work like that because (for those on PAYE at least) a proportion of tax is taken from your salary evenly throughout the year. But tax freedom day marks the time at which, if we had to pay all our taxes up front, we would stop working in order to pay the government and start earning money for ourselves.

Is the fact that for the first time in fifteen years this milestone has crept into June a good thing? Some would say that a four-day jump to 3rd June is indicative of high levels of taxation whilst others would comment that in order to pay more taxes we have to be earning more and therefore on average we are better off. Let’s hope it isn’t, partially at least, down to some individuals paying more tax than they should simply because they don’t understand what allowances they are entitled to.

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